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How It Works

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Calling All Crew is a television crew agency that:

  • Manages your day to day bookings
  • Allocates jobs
  • Provides clients with your details

Clients call us and request particular crew either by name or by skill. We advise what crew are available and if requested we will offer an impartial recommendation for the best people for the job.

Clients also have the option to search on our website, call us direct, or use our mobile app (coming soon). This service is free for clients.

Crew Fees for listing:

  • A list - 5 years minimum experience - $110 per month (GST inclusive)
  • B list - 2-5 years experience - $55 per month (GST inclusive)
  • C list - Less than 2 years experience - $220 per year

A & B list crew outside Sydney pay half the above mentioned rates.

How to Join

The first step in joining our list is to send us your CV.  NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES stating your professional experience, recent dates first.

Send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.