Dan Stephens

Being with Calling All Crew has had such a huge impact on the number of jobs and calibre of clients I've worked with in my first year in Australia. Talking to crew on most jobs it seems at least one person was put on that job through Maria! After a friendly first meeting with her she called me whilst I was on my way home to offer me my first role! Maria has always been a real pleasure to deal with and has proved invaluable to working in TV in Australia.

Dan Stephens

Makedonka Stoilova

My time with CAC has been invaluable. In the year that I’ve been with the agency, not only have I gained experience, made industry contacts, but I have also secured a full time job in the entertainment industry that gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Maria has been absolutely wonderful and genuinely cares about her team, so it’s no wonder people in the industry go to her first to hire reliable crew members. Within the first weeks of joining, I was called onto a couple of jobs, which led to other gigs through the contacts made on set.

I am so grateful to have found CAC and would- without a doubt- come back to this service in the future should I decide to gain experience or develop a skill set in another sector of entertainment.

If you are looking for freelance work and learning skills that will enable to get a career in the film and television industry, I cannot recommend CAC enough.

Thank you to the CAC team, especially to Maria, and good luck to all those that decide to make the right choice and join!


Jess Bowen

I joined Calling All Crew only 4 months ago and gained work almost instantly. It has given me the opportunity to enter and work in the television industry and gain the contacts I need to get my foot in the door.

Previously, I had only been able to obtain freelance work occasionally and unpaid interned almost constantly without many leads or contacts.

After having Calling All Crew recommended to me by someone I met on a shoot, I was warmly welcomed by Maria who promised me I was making the right choice in their crewing company and only days later she contacted me for my first Job.

It was a 5 week contract which turned into more work with the same company and one of the best things I’ve done in my career so far. I have Calling All Crew to thank as they are still finding me work and making my experience into this industry so positive and fulfilling. I know this is only the beginning and I know there is so much more to come for me at Calling All Crew. Thank You Maria for being true to your word.

Jess Bowen

Celine Chiu

I signed up to Calling All Crew’s trainees list just over a year ago, and without Maria’s invaluable help, I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have now in such a short amount of time. After finishing a TAFE course, I found myself asking the question “now what?”. I had no real experience in the industry, virtually no networks (which is essential in such a freelance environment), and absolutely no idea how to get started in the “real world”.

Thank goodness I was introduced to Maria and Calling All Crew!

Maria has been a great help to me, and took the time to chat and find out about me – my experience, my skill set, and my career aspirations. It wasn’t long until she matched me with various jobs I might be interested in! Luckily enough, I managed to get the first job I applied for, and I have been happily working there ever since.

If it wasn’t for Calling All Crew, I would probably be in the same lost state as back when I started. Thank you Maria for all your help! I wouldn’t have be able to do it without you.

Blake O'Malley Powter

It is a great pleasure to write this for Maria and the Calling All Crew team/ Family.
I have been with Calling All Crew going on 8 years now and it's hard to believe that it would have been possible to survive if not for Maria and Calling All Crew. 
I started out as 20 something travelling down to Sydney to do work experience in my TAFE holidays trying to make a go of it. Everybody I met said "Join up with Maria". TAFE finished, I packed up, moved down and did just that.
Maria was warm and friendly, a wealth of knowledge and experience, the kind of person you need in your corner starting out in the tough freelance world.
She placed me on her "Trainee" section which is a great launching pad where clients would take a chance on someone who was keen but not yet fully aware of all the goings on of the industry. This allowed me to get a great understanding, to learn the ropes and culture without the feeling of being chewed up and spat out which can happen with some clients. This hand picked understanding and nurturing of clients was perfect for the exposure I needed to move forward with my career.
It was not long until Maria called explaining with the feed back she had been getting that it was time for the next step to move to the "Apprentice level". 
With this came some great opportunities, More responsibilities and larger client base some of which in one form or another are still some of my best clients today. This is where you get exposed to the high end full paced productions where they are either willing to, or sometimes forced to take a chance and this can be your big break as it was for me when a busy period in the outside broadcast industry caused one of the big players to look for new crew. Since then I've never looked back!
The clients at Apprentice level understand you have been working for a while and might not be familiar with their processes but if you are keen and work hard they will give you time and you can become a regular.
The building up stages leads you to the "A list" where you are now instantly recognised as a professional and some of the biggest production companies will call for you based on the fact that Maria and CAC deem you to be worthy of the "A list".  Again they may have someone sick or a busy period will have them short of crew, they will bring you on for what may seem like a one off thing but 5 years later you're still working for them regularly as a part of your tight knit client base. 
The whole journey through the ranks of Calling All crew is a great one. It will help expose you to the tough freelance industry at a pace that is tailored to you. Maria is always there at the end of the phone if you need advice or support.
Congratulations Maria on 25 years of great work and thank you for having me on board to be a part of it.
Blake O'Malley-Powter

Nathaniel Jackson

The great benefit of being involved with Calling all Crew, aside form the contacts and opportunities that Maria provides, has been the support and advice that is often needed when working with new clients. This can be in the form of a go between when I am away shooting or simply helping me resolve a miscommunication. 
The other thing I really appreciate is the community that Maria puts you into, fellow film makers and shooters, all who have a great attitude and are happy to help when you need it. I recently was put in contact with a Melbourne based shooter who has given me great advice on several technical questions that has been invaluable. 
Lastly our industry can be a hard work and Maria is a friendly voice to talk to when you need it. 
Nathaniel C. T. Jackson

Frank Harrold

To Whom It May Concern
I would like pass on some kind words for Maria at Calling All Crew.
I joined Calling all Crew in 1992, fresh into the freelance market of TV and video production.
Joining Maria has been a great reward for me as a sound recordist. 
I have met many good people within the industry, from the bookings that Maria has introduced me to.
As a freelancer you can feel very alone and independent in the industry, but being part of the CAC agency it gives you another opening and opportunity to
meet and work with others.
Having a agent is a good back up to have, particularly when you want that phone to ring for work.
I would like to thank Maria very much for her ongoing support.
Her knowledge, expertise and advice has been very helpful to me.
I would recommend anyone thinking of joining the CAC agency to give it a go.
It's a great back up to have in a very challenging industry.
Thanks Maria, congratulations to you for 25 years in business.
Best regards,
Frank Harrold
Zappa Productions P/L

Chris Von Schulenburg

I have been part of CAC’s Crew from almost the very Start.
I have known Maria for over 25 years now as I was dealing with her through My previous Agent whom she was working for.
I joined CAC a couple of months after Maria Started the business, as alots of us at the time jumped over from TPA to CAC as Maria was a go geter and fantastic to deal with, She knew the Industry well, and knew Industry people personally,
She is always on top of things
It was always phones and pagers at the start, now Mobile’s  emails and SMS.
Maria Delivers a great service to us all.
On a Personal note to add,  4 years ago I became ill and had my Right Leg Amputated, I was unable to work for 6 months . Upon finding out my predicament Maria organised a Donation Fund to help me through my tough times, Monies were donated from CAC members and other Television Crew that Maria contacted, without me knowing about this,  I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity when she told me about this, a large amount was raised.  As the money was greatly needed to pay bills and expenses for those 6 months without work.  I am now back on my feet( Ha Ha) and doing pretty good.  
That’s the type of person Maria is,  She is there for all of us,  Like 1 big family,
 Chris von Schulenburg

James Puli

Being freelance is all about networking, and to me... Maria and Calling All Crew is the ultimate network! The fact that Maria's
always out and about meeting clients face to face, and not just sitting behind a phone (like most agents do) is the most impressive part. 
Having started my career in the Camera Department in Melbourne over 10 years ago and having a number of "booking agents" in that time, 
I knew what to look for in an agent when I decided to go freelance again after a 2.5 year stint in a television network. 
Coming out of that experience I needed to step up my game, BUT I also needed the agent to help me to do that and achieve
my goals. Upon meeting with Maria and having a chat over a coffee, she instantly knew the position I was in, and has done 
nothing except help me go from strength to strength over the past 4 years. All this while being interstate!!
Maria - I can't thank you enough for the support and help over the years. Hoping for many more to come!

Leigh Fletcher

I have been with Calling All Crew since 2010 and in that time have moved onto the main "A" list after starting out on the "apprentice" list once I'd achieved the right amount of credits. 
I recommend Maria Karambelas (Calling All Crew) to anyone looking for expert and unrivalled knowledge of the television industry. Maria's attention to detail is second to none when it comes to booking crew. 
Maria has always offered me constant work, through her contacts, and it's comforting to know she is always in your corner and chasing work. I have made many new contacts through CAC and have gained continued work from them.
I love the personalised, professional and reliable service Maria offers. I'm glad Maria is my crewing agent. 
Leigh Fletcher