Maurie Akenson

Back in 1989 I remember getting a late night call from Maria (who had been working elsewhere at that stage) to tell me she was planning to start her own crewing agency as of the next day!!!

So thinking this was a bright idea I said yes straight away and jumped on board (nothing tried nothing gained they say) so through the ever varying climate that is “the freelance world” I have been happily working away with Maria throughout the 25 yrs.

And yes I’ve even received my 20yr Silver fob watch!

Maurie Akenson
(Lighting cameraman)




Ashley Scott

Calling All Crew has played a major role in our Business from their beginning, around the same time of my arrival in Sydney, February 1990.  
I guess, these words are almost 25 years in the making. 
This is an industry where everyone knows each other;  this small world, this large extended family where we all work, live and sometimes play.  
With Calling All Crew, it's not just the family spirit, or the friendships made along the way, it's the Business Partnerships, the Professional Backup, the Team Spirit and a great Support Network.
 Schedules and bookings are constantly changing, projects moving, call times and deadlines shifting, Calling All Crew has consistently been able to supply crew, backup crew and support staff for many Television Productions and Events in Australia and around the World.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Maria and the team at Calling All Crew to draw on their catalogue of talented, experienced Technical and Production personnel to provide services and equipment for the highest quality product; from the largest live Broadcast spectacular to the smallest Corporate video.  The history and longevity of Calling All Crew speaks for itself. 
Ashley Scott
Freelance Camera Operator
Sydney, Australia.

Garry Hannaford

Garry Hannaford


This is my 40th year in television and I have been with Maria even before the start of Calling All Crew.

The CAC booking service has been  invaluable in my freelance career.  I simply can't imagine operating without the backup that CAC provides. Not only has she kept me on the straight and narrow as far as avoiding those dreaded double bookings,  but I have been known to call up just to find out what I am actually doing the next day.
All my clients know that they can reliably find my availability on the website, saving us both  time and disappointment.  Maria takes the booking and the job details and tells me when and where to show up.  So simple.
Many of my  clients have come through Maria.  One small job can lead to a continuing relationship and much more work.  I don't know if she works it out, but she hands me enough work each quarter to at least pay her bill. 
As an occasional client myself, I know that anyone Maria sends me can do the job.  You need to be good, not only competent to get onto the CAC books and I know time is taken to match style and temperament to the job at hand.   Once again one phone call – so simple.
So, if you are good enough to get onto the CAC books,  it is money well spent.  Or if you are looking for crew, make your day so much easier.
I hope this is a glowing enough recommendation and I promise that no money was offered as an inducement to write it.  It is something I simply believe.
Garry Hannaford  -  Cameraman  -  April 2014

Clive Walker

Maria has helped me stay regularly employed for the whole of the last 20 years.
I, like others, owe much to her dedication and hard work over all that time.
Her scrupulous attention to detail and accurate record keeping have always made for smooth, problem free booking experiences.
The informative web site with its updated cv’s and crew availability information makes for big benefits for prospective employers and employees alike, effectively streamlining the whole process of booking staff.
It’s been a pleasure to deal with Maria over these many years. Her personal touch, her commitment, her complete understanding of the needs and requirements of all,
has set a standard that has made for the continuing success of “Calling All Crew”.
Happy 25th Birthday CAC.
Clive Walker

Virginie Laverdure

Calling all crew is the first place I contacted when I went freelance and I've been with them ever since.

I have consistent high quality work every month and I love the variation.

I have recommended this service to my colleagues and  Calling all crew is a great place to build your networks.

I love the personalized service with Maria. 

Raman Mohial

As a freelance cameraman, I was advised by a handful of key contacts in the Australian television industry to join Calling All Crew when
I arrived in mid-October 2012.  On this advice I applied to join Maria's books and I can happily say it was a fantastic decision to do so! 
Maria has managed to find me consistent work over a very quiet holiday season.

With jobs varying from cycling events and corporate functions to an eight-day stint at the renowned Sydney Opera House operating on the
Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, Calling All Crew has provided me with a very solid base to introduce myself to potential new clients, gain
regular work and keep me up-to-date on important events and changes occurring in the industry.

I would highly recommend Calling All Crew, without Maria's assistance it would have been much more difficult to break into the industry and
I am very grateful for this.  If you are in two minds about whether to join, DON'T BE!  Thank Maria and all at Calling All Crew for providing me
with such a fantastic platform to my new life in Australia. 

Jordan-Rhys Jeans

I have been with Calling All Crew for just over 12 months and currently on the trainee list. I have
found Maria Karambelas' services havehelped me as a stepping stone into the industry, assisted
me with building industry contacts, as well as my personal development in understanding and
knowledge of the industry. Further more, I also believe Calling All Crew is a potential option for a
range of individuals.
What prompted me to join Calling All Crew was my passion for where the film and
broadcast industry is heading. Mariaʼs understanding, fuelled by her industry experience,
was the main attraction to the business. Her approach on new and improving productions,
is a clear demonstration of her enthusiasm. Through my continued support and renewal of
my membership, I feel privileged to be one step closer to an area of the film and broadcast
industry in which is continuously growing. Since being with Calling All Crew, I have had
countless offers of employment.
Calling All Crew focuses on many aspects of the industry, providing members with a
variety of work. As a member of Calling All Crew, I have built a relationship with Maria
which has furthered my experience, and industry contacts. Mariaʼs professionalism, openminded
personality, commitment, and thorough understanding and knowledge of the
industry has assisted me with my personal trust in her. I would recommend Calling All
Crew to future individuals who are enthusiastic about gaining further assistance from a
crewing agency of high quality. In my opinion, signing with Calling All Crew has been a
substancial benefit my professional development.
Calling All Crew's support system is suitable for all individuals, regardless of their personal
scenario. I have always found Maria's reliability and support to be extremely helpful when
called upon. I happily recommend Calling All Crew to all.
Kind Regards,
Jordan-Rhys Jeans
'Film & Television Camera / Steadicam Operator '

Dennis Parker

Maria Karambelas (Calling all Crew) has been my agent for over seven years.  The thing I love about Maria is that she doesn’t just sit there and wait for the work to come to her, she chases it on my behalf, and all those on her books, by doing that I am continually updating my Australian and International client list.   The fact that Maria is based in Sydney, while I am a Melbourne based cameraman has never been an issue, although I do miss out on the agency barbecues, for this Maria does come to Melbourne during the year to touch base with all crew on her books and chase those Melbourne client’s that become hard to catch.

When travelling I divert all business calls to Maria as I know she will always act in my best interests.   Needless to say, I think of Maria more as my business partner than my agent and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Should you have any questions regarding my testimonial please call/email, more than happy to talk. 

Yours sincerely,
Dennis Parker

David Tottle

I’ve been with Calling all Crew for a number of years now. Maria’s personal service and prompt action has gained me several new clients and given me access to numerous jobs I would not of booked myself.  I’d certainly recommend her services, it’s really worked for me.

David Tottle
Sound Recordist.


Lili Ussher

I have been associated with CAC as a make-up artist for over 20 years.

At all times I've found CAC founder, Maria Karambelas, to be most professional and efficient in the negotiations of crew placement. Most importantly Maria has great people skills, and fully understands the role of each crew member.  CAC covers a broad range of film and television opportunities for all crew. I am most impressed with the CAC website and the easy-to-negotiate instructions on crews’ availabilities and ability for companies to book online.

Lili Ussher
Make-up Artist