Mark Rodgers

I've been a cameraman in Sydney for over 20 years and have been with Calling All Crew for over 12 years, and the service that they provide is invaluable.  When I'm on a shoot and unable to return or take calls it's important that my clients are able to ring my agent and find out straight away whether I'm available for their shoot. If my clients don't want to phone CAC office or it's out of business hours then they can log onto the CAC website and see my availability for the next two months. A Fantastic tool!

Even though CAC is a diary service I have been lucky enough to pick up new clients through them having access to my resume on the CAC website and I've so reconnected with old clients when they've rang the agent looking for crew.

Calling All Crew are professional and efficient and I couldn't recommend them more highly."

Mark Rodgers

Juliet Young

I've been on the books at Calling All Crew since 2004 and have found the service to be invaluable to my career. Working in a freelance environment, it is so crucial to have an agent who is on the ball and Calling All Crew certainly is. When a job comes in, Maria is on the phone straight away and you have all the information you need, you're never fretting at 6pm the night before a job, still waiting for your call time. She is great at keeping you informed, even when you're on set, you'll get text messages rather than have to try and make a million phone calls in your lunch break.

I'm constantly amazed by how comprehensive Maria's knowledge of the industry is, Calling All Crew know who's who in pretty much all of the production companies and TV stations in town and they always know what's coming up.

The CAC Website is a great resource, not only can production companies view your availability and make bookings on line but the website is really well backed up, bookings are confirmed with both the production company and the crew member straight away.

Maria and her team are experienced, informed, connected and - best of all - friendly and fantastic to deal with.

Juliet Young.
Clapper-Loader / Camera Assistant